Thanks for stopping by my side of the net. I am GelOhPig. I am a tech, music, and game junkie. I am also an old kid (really old kid!) with a loving wife, young twin boys, and 2 older step kids. But there has two things that has always gnawed at me, programming and music. I have tried both a few times and they both have had a few bumps and dead ends. Now I am at the age that I have the ability to make something happen. I decided to make music happen by mixing and DJ'ng it. I will still try programming, but I just will try music now. The bug for programming will bite and I will try again soon, but now its music.

So come by to hear all types of music being, mixed, mashed and sometimes crashed in the Live Streaming section. I will sometimes stream my practice sessions and let you feel my vibe and tell me if you dig it.  It's about improving my skills and staying fresh.  I am not a turntablist,(scratching and cutting like DJ Q*Bert or Terminator X) but want to be. Time will tell. Enough talking. Enjoy some dance, house, jungle, drum n' bass, acid jazz, dubstep, retro pop, rap, hip-hop, soul, and whatever strikes me.

By the way, check out my twitter to find out when I am steaming live.

Hello and welcome to my site!

Name: GelOhPig

Age: Old Enuff

Location: St. Louis, MO

Occupation: DJ

favorite hero: Good Folk!

Favorite anti-hero: Bad folk!